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It's hard to believe that StereoLife Magazine started as an experiment when we were testing responsive interfaces that adjust the page to the size of the screen, so it looks good on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

fter some time, we began publishing news and movies found on the web. Soon, they were followed by our own reviews, reports, and interviews.

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StereoLife Magazine

StereoLife Magazine is a place where audiophiles can write about most modern devices and music they listen to. Now, the website is a section of the original StereoLife which has become one of the most popular online magazines about hi-fi and music in Poland. We are running our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ pages, playlists on Spotify and TIDAL, and a YouTube channel where we upload short videos about the gear we review. The website uses a responsive layout that adapts the content to fit perfectly in the browser window, no matter if it's a large 27-inch screen or a 4-inch mobile phone. Under each review, you will also find our evaluation system with ratings for each category.

StereoLife Magazine StereoLife Magazine front page in desktop mode

StereoLife Magazine A full review with image gallery and ratings

StereoLife Magazine Sample video on the front page