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Formed in the early 1980s by Philip Swift and Derek Scotland, Audiolab earned worldwide acclaim with the 8000A - an integrated stereo amplifier that became a classic 'step-up' from the budget models of the time.

During the ensuing years, the 8000A established itself as one of the most successful British amps ever produced, and was joined by a range of electronics including CD players, pre/power amps and an FM tuner.

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The brand switched hands in 1997, changing its name to TAG McLaren Audio, and it so was known until 2004 when Audiolab became part of the International Audio Group and returned to its original name. In 2010 Audiolab began the introduction of its full-width 8200 Series components, combining the company's original ethos of simple, well-constructed ergonomics and crisp, transparent sound with innovative, performance-led design concepts. Audiolab Polska is a website designed for Audiolab's distributor in Poland. It is the owner of one of the stores, where the devices of this brand were selling exceptionally well. When the decision was made to take over the distribution of its products, there was a need for a website where one could post not only information about the company, its history and current offer, but also publish new products and reviews, which from that moment began to appear quite frequently. Audiolab Polska website reflects this idea, ensuring the company's recognition on the market and acting as a center for the promotion of its gear on the local market.

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