Hegel Music Systems

Hegel Music Systems is a Norwegian company specializing in manufacturing hi-end audio products like amplifiers, DACs and CD players. Their website is based on a Content Management System with fully responsive design, rich typography, and many clever solutions such as integrated videos or social media integration.

The website has been supplemented with graphics referring to Hegel's design language, which we can see even in company's catalogues or user manuals, as well as excellent renderings and photos of pristine Norwegian landscapes.

Website type:
Fully responsive manufacturer's website
Completion Date:
Hegel Music Systems

The website contains all available materials, some of which were placed in a password-protected section available only for distributors and dealers. The design had to be simple and minimalist in appearance, but behind the inconspicuous graphic design, there is a whole bunch of possibilities. The interface responds to every click, so in the right column, you can see different modules each time. The modules with links for each product allow users to view all the catalogs, reviews or user manuals. Since this is our third project for Hegel, we focused on ensuring the proper operation of the website on computers and mobile devices. The most important task was to improve all the product pages, to show all the devices in the most beautiful, but also extremely simple way. We also introduced some obvious improvements, such as the addition of a news section where brand fans can learn about upcoming events, software updates or awards granted by magazines and institutions from all around the world.

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