The fate of this radio station was not easy. RadioJAZZ was founded in 1996 and throughout its existence was run by hobbyists and experts in jazz music. It broadcasted cultural information, concerts, reports, interviews and many original programmes, in which one could get to know various shades of jazz and music, generally speaking, not very commercial.

Radio changed owners several times, and in 2008 one of them decided to introduce new stations on frequencies previously reserved for RadioJAZZ. In order to continue its activity, a special foundation was established and all resources have been transferred to the Internet.

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Internet radio website
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In 2015, a reactivation campaign was organized on one of the crowdfunding portals. Many famous artists and activists took part and the goal was achieved. RadioJAZZ started broadcasting again and at the same time its new website has been launched along with an application for mobile devices. The project was very demanding because it had to contain a complete schedule, information about the radio and all programmes, as well as an online player allowing users to listen to the radio stream in real time. All the work was carried out under enormous time pressure, but it was completed successfully.

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